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Dr. Peter Van Eijk - The Cloud instructor

The most flexible and comprehensive CCSK training program you will find

Overcoming CCSK Certification Challenges with Our Unique Flexible program

For the busy professional

CCSK is considered the 'mother' of all cloud security certificates, making it essential for professionals working with cloud, security, architecture, and compliance to have a thorough understanding of its body of knowledge. However, acquiring this knowledge can be challenging for busy professionals, as projects and other life commitments often get in the way. This is where my unique program comes in, designed specifically to help individuals overcome these challenges and succeed in their CCSK mastery.

My CCSK program includes the following components, designed for your optimal success:

  • 5 interactive online sessions of 2 hours each in a 2-week sprint.

  • Sprints run every other month with no limit on attendance.

  • 'Focus' sessions between sprints.

  • Onboarding sessions for new program members.

  • Official courseware with exam included; optional AWS/Azure labs.

  • Access to past sprint recordings.

  • Interaction with fellow participants.

  • Comprehensive support material on CASA e-learning system.

  • Exam taking tips.

Tailored to your needs

Is this for me?

CCSK is designed to provide IT and business professionals with the necessary background to contribute to their organizations' secure cloud adoption. However, you may have any of the following questions:

  • Do I have the necessary background knowledge? There is a good chance you don’t. That is where I come in! In my training courses, I encounter three broad types of practitioners, each of whom has their own knowledge gaps. I provide introductory material for each of them, which goes beyond the official courseware, and is all part of this program.

  • Are all exam topics covered? Yes, and more. After 10 years of feedback and improvement, the CCSK body of knowledge, along with my additional courseware, pretty accurately match the needs of your cloud security journey.

  • Can I commit the time? If cloud security is a part of your job, learning about it should also be a part of your job. However, urgent tasks can disrupt your learning process. That's why you can attend the sprints as often as you like, allowing for more flexibility in your schedule.

  • Is there a mock exam? Technically no, but you are allowed to take the exam twice, and it is an open book exam.

  • How relevant is CCSK? CCSK, developed by the vendor-neutral industry association Cloud Security Alliance over 10 years ago, is the oldest and most established cloud security certificate, and many other training courses are based on its content.

  • Will an online program work for me? I think so, but see for yourself if the features that I put in to adapt the program to your learning style work for you.

Just take a look at the courseware to get an impression of its scope.

Everything you need to get started on securing cloud

What is in CCSK?

The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) provides a comprehensive and vendor-neutral coverage of all the important topics related to cloud security. It covers various areas including technology and governance, which makes it an excellent tool to boost team performance. If you're interested in learning more about the technical aspects, I would recommend checking out the AWS and Azure labs that are included in the CCSK Plus package. The course is structured as follows to cover all relevant domains.

  • All domains of the Cloud Security Alliance "Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing"

  • The relevant chapters of the ENISA "Risks and Benefits of Cloud Computing"

  • The Cloud Security Alliance "Cloud Control Matrix"

  • Introductory and extension material beyond the official courseware.

Learn more by registering for my free CCSK introduction training course, or contact me on LinkedIn for a group quote.

About me

I have over ten years of experience teaching more than 100 CCSK training courses worldwide, making me one of the world's most experienced independent cloud security instructors. With decades of experience in instruction and consulting, I understand how to teach adults effectively. Additionally, as an Associate Professor, I have gained valuable experience in teaching Generation Z.Besides that, I have volunteered for the CSA by contributing to the development of various cloud education materials and serving as a chapter board member.

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